Immigration Mythology

Ancient cultures used myths as a way of explaining their world in times when superstition and fear were often the markers of the age. In our own time, governments and political parties have spread myths about immigration to cover their mishandling of the issue. For the electorate, the fear emerges from how little our government actually knows about immigration and its effects.

The independent think tank, Migration Watch, has produced a list of immigration myths fostered by the three main political parties. The findings of Migration Watch vindicate UKIP’s attitude towards regulating immigration, where on their website it reads:

As a member of the EU, Britain has lost control of her borders. Some 2.5 million immigrants have arrived since 1997 and up to one million economic migrants live here illegally. Former New Labour staff maintain that this policy has been a deliberate attempt to water down the British identity and buy votes. EU and human rights legislation means we cannot even expel foreign criminals if they come from another EU country.[1]

The un-thinking man’s politician, Ed Miliband, offered a half-baked and typically opportunistic voter-seeking apology for this act, but the damage has been and continues to be done. Only today it was reported that the UK Border Agency has no “clear strategy” for dealing with a group of more than 150,000 foreign nationals staying on after visas expire, [2]

Politicians from Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives find it an easy virtue to spend money on foreign aid or to talk of the need for democracy in foreign lands, but they find it incredibly difficult to spend money sensibly on their own nation or to undo the shackles of big, undemocratic EU government within their own borders. So successive governments, under the direction of the EU, have managed to regulate and legislate the ways of life of the UK’s population; yet their unwelcome interference never seems to extend to the issue of immigration or immigrants.

Government complacency on the issue of immigration is so great that if it were any other department, ministry, company or institution, there would be a criminal investigation.

Click here to read the list of immigration myths

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  1. richard said:

    Millions of us hope you get into government to make this broken country great once more. You seem to listen to people which is somhing the other party’s have never done.
    Immigrais sad that we are made to feel a foreigner on our own country and wé can’t say anything as the government has banned free speech.

    • Thanks for your comment Richard

      There are many who feel the same as you do. The good thing is that it has never been wrong to talk about immigration and UKIP have held onto this even when the major parties have deliberately attached words like ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’ to it in order to stifle intelligent debate and to cover up their dreadful track record of mishandling immigration.

      This is not an official UKIP blog, so I cannot comment on the party line, but if they think as I do, then immigration should be handled in the same way as any other department: with integrity, with accountability, with discretion and in the public interest.

      In this way, UKIP are winning the debate and the other parties are playing catch-up. So hold firm, and vote UKIP!

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