How the EU Budget is a Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

This is a clear, concise, engaging and damning report on the EU. Essential viewing for anyone in any doubt as to the unaccountable, wasteful nature of this blighted and backward institution.

Click here to sign Marta Andreasen’s petition to reduce Britain’s contribution to the EU budget 

  1. Having signed your petition for the reduction of Britains contribution to the EU budget. You may wish also, to make available the following link with regard to each and everyone’s right to demand the right to know, where our money is being spent, and where our money is being “wasted” Until we all are made aware and given full and transparent access to the absolute scandal that has yet to emerge, this corruption of absolute power will continue:

    • Many thanks for your comment and for the additional link. I will sign the petition presently and, in a forthcoming post, advertise this link to the best of my ability. I agree – we must know where our taxes are going in the same way that we must know who claims to represent our country’s interests.

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