Corby By-Election: ‘Mid Term Blues’? Keep Fooling Yourself Mr Cameron!

The result of the Corby by-election has wider implications beyond the borders of this disputed constituency…

That the Conservatives lost their Corby seat in today’s by-election came as a surprise to no one, least of all the Conservatives. Their majority was always precarious, but not unmanageable. Their mistake was to ever think that the lobotomized Louise Mensch was ever a credible MP, let alone one strong enough to hold on to such a narrow margin, especially when the potent forces of her own ego would always come before public service.

Whilst the odious Edward Miliband paraded the victory of his candidate, the Liberal Democrats were not only beaten into fourth place by UKIP, they lost their deposit after receiving a woeful 1,770 votes.  The Conservatives only beat UKIP by a mere 4368 votes, a statistic that should have them very afraid, especially in a seat seen as a litmus paper for the views of middle England.

At this point one might suggest that Mr Cameron has some thinking to do – he could lurch to the right and cast off his social democrat colours in favour for radical Tory reform – but as has been implied, this would mean Mr Cameron has to not only think, but think strategically and perform acts of self-evaluation and intellect that he is woefully incapable of commanding.

Instead, what do Mr Cameron and his cronies say? They spin the result as simply the mid-term blues that all incumbent governments undergo as voters register their discontent with the direction of the ruling party.

It is a line that typifies the disconcertingly patronising tone of politicians from all the main parties. It suggests that to them it is almost a badge of honour, a virtuous failure, to be mauled by the electorate halfway through a parliament, as if governing in the interests of the electorate and securing or sustaining a popular mandate are laughable impossibilities. They chose to ignore what is in front of them – whether it is the striking election results by UKIP or by the success of independent candidates as Police Commissioners – this is not a mid-term blues protest: it is the result of long-term disenchantment with the useless politicians and the discredited parties they serve.

By voting Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem, the electorate are merely changing the guard, all of whom protect the same thing: their interests, which are dependent upon their mutual survival as political parties. Today’s results are a victory for independent candidates away from Westminster, and it is a story of success for UKIP, whose ascent is damaging the three party system, and above all, Mr Cameron, who had better watch his back from his own party members before anyone else.

Mid-term blues? Hardly! Things have rarely looked better…

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  1. Boudicca said:

    Good results for those of us who want to see an end to consensus politics and the stitch-up that the 3-party FPTP system represents.

    The next GE will be crucial. Apart from the impact which UKIP will have on the outcome in individual Constituencies, there is a very good chance that UKIP will get more votes across the country than the LibDems and come 3rd in terms of the popular vote. But the LibDems, with concentrated support in a few Constituencies, will return MPs to Westminster because of FPTP, whilst UKIP won’t.

    That will cause considerable anger and be one more step towards changing the current rotten set-up.

    As far as UKIP and Corby goes – I think the CONs are going to have to lose the next General Election very badly before the Party wakes up and understands that it either changes policy on the EU or it will be signing its own death warrent. However, by then it will be too late. Miliband will be in No.10 and they will have lost their chance.

    Cameron’s legacy is going to be the destruction of the Conservative Party.

  2. Agreed on all counts. Mr Cameron has ensured that a Conservative party with a truly conservative agenda will be in the wilderness for years to come. His agenda has been that of a social democrat on almost every policy, and fundamentally, he is weak and indecisive on the decisions that really matter.

    I think that either the Tories will continue in a woefully depleted opposition and veer to the right, at which time an alliance with UKIP will probably be on the table. Sadly, by that point, the filthy Edward Milliband and his grubby No.2, Edward Balls will have flushed the UK down the drain, whilst it currently resides in the gutter.

    H ave you seen this article by Daniel Hannan?

    • Boudicca said:

      Yes. Tebbit wrote an article around the same time saying that UKIP cannot be written off any longer and – whilst perusing the tabloids for a sense of how things are going – I found that Toby Young in The Sun has also called for a pact with UKIP.

      The real Conservatives know what’s coming if they don’t change tack. It’s the Lib-Cons who are won’t take their finger off the self-destruct button.

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