The Rise of UKIP

News article from BBC Radio Four’s Today programme. Note the BBC likes to remind the listener that the EU is a low priority for the electorate, rather than suggest that the issue of the EU is intrinsically interwoven with all the issues attached to the higher priorities.

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  1. Boudicca said:

    The strategy of the Government and FCO from the start of the process of sinking the UK inside the European Superstate, was to lie about the intentions and to deceive the British people about the source of laws and regulations by never ‘blaming’ the EEC/EU.

    That process continues. Our political elite – and the mainstream media – very rarely ever admit that control of the issues the electorate care most about has been outsourced to Brussels.

    Deep down, the people know that immigration cannot be controlled whilst we remain in the EU; they know that our justice system has been compromised by the EU/EEC and they know that membership has destroyed our fishing industry and so much more. They know we cannot control our own country.

    But because our politicians and the MSM will never admit this or spell it out, the EU as an issue in its own right doesn’t feature highly on any list of ‘what is important.’ But as a people, we remain at best skeptical about ‘le Grande Projet’ and that is slowly changing to open hostility. LibLabCON will pay the price for their betrayal of the British people – eventually.

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