David Cameron: No One Left to Lie To

Mr Cameron has suggested ‘We need to be clear about the best way of getting what is best for Britain’ [1] only to write an article that is neither clear nor makes a convincing case for what is best for Britain. ‘False face must hide what the false heart doth know’ [2].

Mr Cameron is trying to work out how he and the interests of the political class can maintain their vested interests whilst offering the electorate an EU referendum, one that smacks of tokenism and empty gesture. Equivocation is the means by which he negotiates the lie of his Eurosceptic credentials.

Mr Cameron’s disingenuous article concerning the possibility of an EU referendum amounts to the vague suggestion that ‘we may do something at some point’In doing so he underscores that it is not that he does not understand the strength of feeling for an in/out referendum, but that he does not want to understand that feeling.

Certainly, Mr Cameron is not to be trusted on this matter (or, really, any others). There will be little doubt that he and fellow europhiles will enmesh a clear in/out vote in caveats and get-out clauses to ensure the British public do not get what they vote for  – unless it is a ‘in” vote.

If he offers a referendum to coincide with the next General Election, then, if the Conservatives lose the vote and a Labour government accedes, the referendum will not likely be binding since a new government may not recognize the policy of the Conservatives.

Time and again, despite great quantities of false sincerity, Mr Cameron has shown that he does not wish to understand the people of the UK, nakedly putting his own political interests before serving the people he claims to represent.  He is neither the first, nor the last liar to occupy the position of PM, but it is a quality that marks his leadership with unusual vigour.

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  1. Boudicca said:

    He’s a weak, unprincipled liar – but one who is sh!t scared that UKIP is going to deprive him of a second term. At the weekend, Peter Kellner of YouGov informed the Fabian Conference that UKIP is going to win the EU Parliament elections (if the Kommissars permit them to go ahead, of course). That will be a springboard for the GE the following year and, although UKIP will find it extremely difficult to win any seats under FPTP, the fact that our support is spread fairly evenly across the country also means that we have the potential to cause a great deal of damage in the swing seats the CONs badly need to win, as well as others that are considered ‘safe.’

    The issue of UK membership of the EU isn’t going to go away. The more chaos in Euroland; the more the colleagues are seen to be denying democracy to build a superstate; the more the likes of Barroso and Rumpuy are seen on our screens lecturing and maneouvring to preserve their dream – the more the British people will balk at the prospect of UK involvement and will demand a say. The genii is out of the bottle: our political elite and the mainstream media can no longer claim that the electorate isn’t interested in the EU and is content with the current arrangements. All the polls say differently and the anger in the country is almost palpable.

    Cameron’s statement is an admission that the status quo cannot be maintained – and they know it. That’s all. Now we wait to see what proposals they come up with in order to get a mandate to keep us in the EU in one form or another. And in the meantime, anyone who wants to see the UK’s Sovereignty and independence restored should continue to support UKIP. Cameron’s feet need to be held to the flames until they are scorched.

    • Thanks for your comment – once again Boudicca, I agree with all you say 🙂

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